Clearing out the Studio

Natural Connection web.jpg

Creativity has its own strange life cycles.  First I cleared a ton of work out of my studio.  Once I did that, I had this freedom to create more.  It was truly a matter of clearing out space in my studio, in my mind, and in my heart.  I needed a fresh start but didn't know how to get there.  Throwing stuff out is difficult, but once you get going, it feels great.  So that's what got me going on my latest collage rampage.  I had the materials already; I just needed a clear path.

Clearing out the Racks of Paintings

Part 2 that I didn't see coming, was tracking my inventory and cataloging the work.  Looking through my personal archives is daunting.  I've always been prolific.  I learn as I go.  I make to know how to make. I push through and persevere.  And I have a lot of art to show for it.  Did I say a lot?  I'm seriously thinking maybe 1,500 pieces.

So now I am sorting through old photographic slides (that's how they did it in the old days) and digital photos, which is taking me down memory lane as I re-live my life through my art.  I plan on putting together a slide show of my visual journey which I will share with you, of course.

I've done a great job of selling as much as I can and an excellent attempt at keeping copies of everything.  End result - a lot of experience gained, a lot of organization required. 

It is amazing to me that art has never let me down.  It's always had the ability to make me feel better, or sometimes just to make me feel something.  It's carried me through and been my constant.  It's more than a vocation or a friend; it is my strength.

Natural Connection, 36"x18", $1,500

The above painting "Natural Connection" is a lively piece with colors and patterns coming together to create something new.  I like looking up at it and then looking out the window at the trees and mountains.  The beauty of nature reminds me that I can get through anything.  Lately, I need this reminder.  Please email me if you have any questions. 

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