Flames - Bring in the new year hot and heavy!

So here it is.  The end of 2018.  I have had this discussion lately with a few different people.  These years just keep flying by.  It’s almost 2020, which used to be just a random year for the setting of a science fiction film.  It’s true that time is flying.  On the other hand, I think back to just three months ago when I was in Turkey.  It seems like such a long time ago, a million miles away.  All this to say, time is a very strange thing. 
I do know one thing though – time is something that we cannot ever get back.


View of the setting sun from my front porch.

I hate to be morose, but my wonderful full-of-life mother died at age 71.  When I think about that, I feel like I might not have a lot of time left.  Of course, as everyone keeps saying, it doesn’t mean that will happen to me.  But the point is that it could.  Anything could happen to any of us at any time.  So I want to make sure I’m spending my time doing what I love, planning for more time doing what I love, spending time with people I love, and surrounding myself with beautiful people and experiences.
That’s all I ask.


In the studio.

For me, it all goes back to my studio.  The rapture, the energy, the satisfaction of the here and now, and creation – is what makes me feel alive.  The work that I bring to my paintings is strong and deep, yet also fun and light.  My heart feels open and exposed when I’m really grooving and creating.  I’m feeling it all intensely in the very center of my chest.
I am watching the patterns of life, the elements of nature, the chemisty and physics, flow through me and on to the canvas and into the air so that anyone who wants to can grab ahold of it and feel the power.  Take it for their own and keep it nearby as a eternal flame, an inspiration and reminder that life can get really good.

So anyhow, I continue to paint.  I have about 12 new pieces that I will showcase at my upcoming show.  I have the print options becoming availalbe.  I will be posting more next month and will be sure to let you know.

Blue Flame sm.jpg

Blue Flame, 18” x 36” on stretched canvas, $1,500

In the spirit of the new year and eternal flames and life energy, I have recently completed this painting called “Blue Flame.”  I’m really enjoying it.  It ignites me.  It feels live and energized.  I make these paintings placing pieces of color and texture next to each other and feeling the vibration and light that they project.  Then when I’ve placed them, I stare at the whole page for a long time to see if it is done.  For this one, I just needed a few more blue pieces on the right.  I placed them and then it felt right – and I saw the blue flame.  Again, it makes me feel alive, and content, each time I see it.  So it’s done!
It's not even on my website yet!  So if you want it, let me know.  You can also ask about a framed print or canvas print of this image, if that suits your style.

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