Down to the Basic Elements - with Maureen Maki Art

Things are fitting into place nicely as I enter my second year back in art business mode.  I am keeping extra busy showing work and finding new places to share online and off.  I will be doing monthly studio visits for those nearby.  Please email me if you'd like to schedule a private studio tour with art and tea and conversation with the artist - that's me.  I'm having an art party/open studio in March.  My online presence is growing and I will be unveiling several new series.  I continue to experiment with framed prints - so expect to see more of that coming through.

Video of me - I'm getting crazy and I've posted a couple videos.  Please go to Facebook to see me standing on my favorite hill in LA, talking about my daily inspiration - the view!
My 4 Elements Series will be released over the next couple of months.  Here's the first one to get you thinking.  It's called "4 Elements - Earth."

4 Elements - Earth, 12" x 12", paper on canvas, $600

Keeping in line with my 12 inch by 12 inch canvases wrapped in paper, I am doing the 4 Elements series.  Inspired by air, water, earth and fire, I am making a series that can easily be shown together in a grid or in a line (see last photo on this email).  I started doing this in the kitchen of my last house, where I really didn't have a lot of wall space.  I placed my 12 inch squares high up along the top of the wall and it stretched the room up moving one's eye to the edges of the room.  An ever changing world requires changeable art. 
The idea was to have each painting clearly relate to one of these four elements.  Air and water keep getting intertwined though, flowing together like an ocean wave crashing onto the earth. 

Another Online Portfolio for Maureen Maki Art

This site (photo above) features a beautiful display of my work.  Click here to see it all.  I have been saving decades worth of my art on this online archive.  It has been so fun to watch the paintings rack up, so to speak.  I have hundreds uploaded and I will share more as I put together different collections and open them up to the public.  For now, I have some of my more recent work.  Take a look.

More Elements, More Flow, More art coming your way this year.

Paper Painting is a Maureen Maki original technique

Finally, I was thrilled to be featured in Helen Hiebert's The Sunday Paper, her weekly online newsletter that has become famous for those who love paper art. If you didn't know, my technique of collaging high-end art papers is my very own.  I don't know anyone else who is doing the same kind of work.  Some are similar, but not many, and none quite like this.  I say this not only to brag, but to shout out to all the paper lovers on my list.  The art of paper was instilled into me when I majored in printmaking in college.  I didn't expect it would stay with me this long - but art has a way of creeping up and taking over.

You should see me at a paper store!  By the way, one of the very best exists right here in downtown Los Angeles, near MacArthur Park.  It's called McManus & Morgan and it is highly recommended for anyone who likes paper.  This place was started in 1923 and is a real treat.  Just talking about it makes me want to go there now!

Keep in touch.  Tell me your thoughts about paper.  Ask me a question.  I'm here and ready to answer your email.  Email me here.

Maureen Maki

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