Geishas and Everything

So I'm just gonna go for it. Pretentious or not, this is what I've been thinking of lately.

We are all living proof of perseverance. We are walking stories of what we have been through, our history, our genetics, our family, our journeys, our countries, our politics, our time, and our place. We are unique and we are amazing for all we have been and all we have become, and all that we keep becoming. We keep changing. We are a chemical reaction. We are palimpsests.

My work has been an excavation. First it was layered so heavily, more and more stuff I’d pile into the layers, often depicting the many layers of soil that we stand upon. Then I pulled out of it into the alchemy paintings that were seen from another perspective, but still heavy with layers, combinations, changes. Now I am excavating, revealing, getting more real, simple, clear and true – and confident. The simplicity of paper and shapes sitting next to each other, combining but not obscuring as much.

We are amazing. We are strong. We are alive and living proof of all that one can be. All that life can be. All that we want and need to be. Keep it up. Keep on going. Take the next step. When you can barely figure out what to do, just do something. We are miracles.

We are magic. We are alchemy. Feel alive. Feel the life and the flow of energy that runs through out world.


Ocean Flow by Maureen Maki

Flowing turquoise like water lapping up against the shore, this painting entitled Ocean Flow is a latest favorite. Hanging above my computer desk, I love to look up and let the energy take me somewhere else. Content, active, balanced but always moving. When I made it, I just let if flow out of me. I placed the pieces of paper next to each other and felt energized - yes, that's when I know the magic is working. Later, as I looked it over from afar, the ocean imagery came to me. It made sense as a metaphor and a title. Let me know what it means to you. How does it make you feel?

If you come to my studio, you have the opportunity to see some older work as well as my latest. This piece below has been well received every time.

Geisha 1, 24" x 20", Paper on canvas, $1,500

I love Japanese prints. I am blown away by the composition and the patterns coming together. It has definitely affected the way I work and the art I make. This is a perfect homage to the prints I love. First, it is made of paper, which is the basis of printmaking. Second, it is full of patterns and even some origami paper has snuck its way in. Third, it is a rather abstracted image of a geisha I've seen in Japanese prints.

If you are interested, please contact me. It is not on my site for sale, so as of now, that's the only way to get it. I often do companion pieces. I tried to get away from it, for no apparent reason, but I find myself doing it again. I make two pieces at the same time, very related. It's nice because they work as a diptych and people often want both of them. And so below, for your viewing pleasure is Geisha 2, the companion piece to Geisha 1,


Geisha 2, 30" x 24", Paper on canvas, $1,500

Both of these look so much better in person. I unwrapped them recently and it is really outstanding to see them glow. The background is a bit warmer than what is seen here.

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