10 Reasons to Make Art

Thank you to those who were able to make it to my May show.  It was a super fun time with a nice group.  Ah, yes, it feels good to show my latest art to new eyes.  The work it takes to get it all hung, photographed, priced, and cleaned up is an entirely different type of work than the actual creation of the painting.  I feel like I have to change from one person to another and back.  It's not that hard.  What is hard is cleaning up the studio for an exhibition and then pulling out all of the materials to turn it back into a working studio.  I have to change my space back and forth which is hard, well, time consuming.

That's the very long way of saying I'm so excited to hit the studio and throw down some new work starting this weekend.  I can't wait to get some solid art making hours logged in.  I'm even more excited to see what comes out of these next creating sessions.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to read the article about me in Voyage LA, here's the link.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 8.20.00 AM.png

Current Favorite Painting called World of Fire

10 reasons I still Make Art

  1. It makes me feel alive.

  2. I never get tired of the magic that happens on the page.

  3. Elements coming together to create something new is such a perfect example of collage and art and life.

  4. Color makes me happy.

  5. The beauty of nature is mimicked in art.  It’s the closest I can come to the mysteries of our natural world.

  6. Making science visible is awesome.

  7. If I can inspire joy and courage in others with my work, I have done more than I ever expected.

  8. If the feeling I have during creation is transferred to another person, I have performed the magic.

  9. Life is short, too short.  Making art is my fun, my passion, my strength. 

  10. What the hell else would I do?

I wrote that list a couple months ago.  It's a pretty fair assessment of why I keep doing it.  Sometimes I just have to push through, keep working, even when I can't see the point.  Because there is always that place on the other side where I can look down at the new piece and say - yeah!  That is a great feeling.  Me, alone in my studio, watching the fireworks on the canvas.  Seeing how this color or pattern playing off the other textured piece works just perfectly.  That's the best.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.21.53 PM.png

These 12" x 12" canvases covered in paper are on sale on my site.

The four pieces above are a bit different that the 4 elements pieces which are brighter and have the sharp edged leaf-like shape.  They are the natural alchemy works with leaves and a more subdued natural feel.  This series is smaller, either 12" x 12" canvases as shown here or a couple 36" x 18" vertical pieces.  They are a softer gentler approach, but harder to pull off in large scale. 

Delicate nature in a well balance composition that is both exciting and calming.  That's how these pieces work for me.  They are an intimate experience and benefit from continued revisiting.  Each time you look you see new texture and more detail.  They will sit with you and keep you inspired.
Below is the more pronounced 4 Elements series.  These paintings call out to you, singing a joyful song of live, flowing energy.  The leaf or tuber shape is a basic element, a simple organic component.  Like cells under a microscope, it is the perfect vehicle for piling up layers of my luscious organic world.  It easily parlays into my 4 elements series and a more vital and stronger alchemy.


Cells of Energy Combining and Creating New Energy

Art is not young or old. I believe the feeling I had when I was 5 years old and pushing paint around with my fingers is the same feeling I have when I collage my paintings today.  Joyful emotional release.  Freedom, life, raw energy.

I continue to persevere.  That's my thing.  Art and perseverance.  I'm making plans for more paintings as I said above, a new website, a new venue, and even more.  Stay tuned, keep reading and I'll keep you informed.  Thanks for looking and feel free to  Email me here anytime.

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