Rain Rain Go Away - Free Shipping in the meantime

It's been cold and rainy here and colder and snowy most everywhere else.  I must admit this weather is keeping me out of the unheated basement studio more than I'd like.  However, there is plenty to do from my computer.  Paintings from the 4 Elements series are posted on my site now!  Perseverance through the highs and lows, always creating, making, and thinking about what really matters.  The concept of the very basic elements coming together to create all that is, continues to guide me when I'm feeling down or unsure of my next step. 

Go to www.maureenmaki.com to see.  My 12"x12" canvases are each focused on an element - air, water, earth, and fire.  They work together in many different combinations, on the wall in a grid, or in a line, or in a giant display across a museum wall.  These basic building blocks are a very simplified version of the periodic table.  I had the chance to visit Griffith Park Observatory last week.  Their periodic table display made me so happy.  Same idea really.

4 Elements - each canvas is 12" x 12", paper on canvas

The images work together and breathe life and energy into the room.  They charge the space and lift you up.  Yes, it is simple stuff - and that's why it works!  I expect to riff on this theme for quite some time, like a lead guitar player climbing up and down a great melody adding variations just for fun.
So, here's the deal, I'm gathering all the new work and exhibiting it in the studio.  In the back, I'll have examples of some of the reproductions I've been working on lately.  And introducing "The Stacks" - a corridor of my studio filled with older and some not-so-old work.  If you are in Los Angeles or planning to be in Los Angeles, contact me and I'll send you the details.  So please email if you are interested.


Open Studio Event the March

When life gets busy, and it certainly has for me, art helps me relax.  It frees my mind in a way that is hard to explain.  I find myself running around all day, doing things on autopilot, running errands, working less interesting jobs, dealing with people, all good stuff that needs to be done.  It's nice to know that art is there at the end of my day to uplift me and remind me of what I love.  

Get yourself some of that by having original art in your home or office.  To make matters nicer for all, I am featuring Free Shipping on my site, for a limited time.  This is a huge savings on the large pieces.  I am afraid that this offer only applies to the continental U.S. at this time.  International shipping must be arranged, so if that is an issue, let me know and we can figure something out.

FREE SHIPPING on everything at www.MaureenMaki.com

In summary, be good to yourself as you ride out the rest of this harsh and cold winter.  Take some time to relax inside, just knowing that spring is sure to come some time!  Remember the beauty of the natural world and remind yourself that things will get better if you just keep going.  Contemplate the connection of art and science and chemistry and how we are all connected.  Consider coming out to see my studio.

Let me know if you have any questions about the website, the show, or anything else.  Contact me if you are going to be in LA and want to come by and see the new work in person.  Email me here.

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