Time Travel - Past into Future

The thing I like most about Star Trek is the teleporting of matter, specifically people, from one location to another.  It still amazes me that we climb into a long tube of metal and catapult through the sky to land clunkily swaying back and forth on a slick patch of concrete in our destination city.  We've come so far with technology. We can fit our camera, telephone, GPS, and endless encyclopedias into this thin little cellphone we can slip in our back pocket.  But travel still requires the same uncomfortable procedures developed in the 1950's. Just about everything about it sucks!  Can we be honest here?

Elon Musk's hyperloop where you will be jetisoned through an underground tube seems like a step in the right direction. Travel needs to catch up with the rest of tech. Will it jump up on us like text messages? Fifteen years ago, people still used telephones for conversations.

Yes, all of this relates to my recent air travels.  Go to www.maureenmaki.com to see my latest art.

The photo is a sketch made on airplane.

There have been times in my life when I've traveled and realized that we bring with us memories of everything, all we have done or known and every place we've seen.  Memories come flooding in, triggered by the smallest cue.  The clouds that hang low over Detroit Metro airport.  How many times I've entered that city from above? Flashes of feelings that send my mind reeling into old times, my mother, my father, people that are no longer there to visit. 
A little song, "it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring" sounds off in my head. Snipets from songs that have been locked into my brain for 40 years can arise out of nowhere - and then get stuck in my head all day! Sensory memory is not linear. Smells, the feeling of rain, humidity, touch, sound, and lights set off emotions and emotionally charged memories.

I've figured out that the longer you've lived, and the more experiences you've had, the more you have running through your head at any moment.  The more "flashbacks" to set you off, up and running into any direction, unguided, untrained, and unprepared for where you may go and what mood it may trigger.

So I say this all, just to say, our minds are complex and not straight-forward. I find art to be connected with all of these unexplainable sensory notices.  Feelings, emotions are transported via art. The surfaces, textures, colors of an image can transform me to a place so easily.  This is still my favorite right now, World of Fire. It opens my mind and flows freely letting me feel expansive - like the world is a glorious field of energy and life.

I'm going out on a limb here - art can teleport us to another time and place like a teleporter on Star Trek.  Energize!  OK, I had to go there since all my work is about energy being transformed, alchemy and the elements. So this is where my mind is these days. 

And just when I thought I was really losing it, I had the most wonderful validation of this whole life cycle. While I was in Michigan, I visited my niece and nephew who I hadn't seen in several years. When I walked into my 6-year-old nephew's bedroom, I was surprised to see that he is just as obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements as I am. Knowing my thoughts are in line with those of a 6-year-old made me happy. I went so far as to explain to Finn the ideas I have for some new paintings. He offered me a printout of the periodic table for reference. 

So my art is moving along.  I expect to have another exhibit in the next few months.  I'm hoping to have some press coverage - you will be the first to know.  My website is fully functional and updated - so take a look!  Any other thoughts -  Email me here.

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